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Vernon County (Missouri) Triangle
05-01-2007 / 0455 hrs / Triangle craft next to Highway 54 / Vernon County, Mo.
A coal truck driver was witness to a large triangular craft next to the roadside while driving to work that morning going west on Highway 54 between the towns of Nevada and Deerfield in Vernon County, Missouri.  While following behind a semi-tractor trailer in a thunderstorm a bright flash of lightning lit up the area revealing a triangular craft over a field off the passenger's side of his windshield. He saw the craft hovering approximately 12 feet above the pasture. The craft was sitting so close to the fence that the witness remarked had he stopped the car and gotten out he could have touched the front of the object. He did not notice any landing gear but he did see a red light on the bottom towards the middle of the craft. The witness said he was driving about 60 mph at the time but claimed he was "too freaked out" to stop his car and take a closer look.
In describing the size of the craft he said "imagine a distance apart of three telephone poles in line with each other. The nose of the craft would touch the middle pole and the wingtips at each of the other poles." He said the craft seemed to be egg shaped in the middle and the color was nickel plated. Near the front fuselage was a flattened cupola extending over each wing. He said each wing narrowed towards the tips and underneath it had appendages molded into the body of the craft.

The location is in a field along Highway 54 just west of Hwy 43 intersection on the north side of the road. The sighting date's thunderstorm is verified by the National Weather Service in Springfield, MO for May 1, 2007 at 450am.


Brian Adams

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