MIG - Missouri Investigators Group

STRANGE DAYS IN THE MARLEY WOODS Research into ongoing aerial &

ground observations at a remote site in Missouri Preliminary Report 1998 – 2003


In 1968, at the suggestion by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, I began specialized research

 into physical traces associated with sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects. At

this date the files contain 3,000 + events from 91 countries.   There is, I believe,

based on the data from these observations by credible witnesses, there is

considerable physical evidence for the existence of UFOs. The data indicates

machines that remain unidentified can and do exert physical effects on their

immediate surroundings. These traces remain after the sighting and may be

photographed studied and sampled. These devices appear to be under

intelligent control with some of considerable mass at least during their contact

with physical objects when physical contact is made with those objects.

When I was contacted by one of the witnesses of a curious event in December,

1998, I was quite reluctant to become involved as it sounded like a singular

event with no evidence other than visual observation. In my second conversation

I learned that the witness had checked my involvement in UFOs through a

security check to be sure I would not bring in the news media. I was becoming

more interested in that the witnesses were multiple and wanted no publicity.

Credibility is important if time is to be spent investigating any UFO related event.

In other words, why generate a lie and keep it quiet? I was impressed with this

man and decided to at least have a look.

I can only tell you that the events I would encounter over the next five years took

 place in a remote area in Missouri. Obviously I cannot use names at the request

of the many witnesses. Exact locations will not be given to protect these people

from the media and those who might crowd the locations to see for themselves. It

was not and is not my plan to keep this to myself for any other reason. All names

and locations are on file and if the witnesses agreed to release them it would be

done immediately. The data received will be presented in chronological order as

it occurred.

The first event took place on December 15, 1998 as the witness and his wife

 were driving their truck to their farm. A family cabin located on a high hill at their

cattle ranch of several hundred acres. My wife and I were driving to our farm to

check the cattle. We were on County Road 97; Right before the T.  I viewed a

large lit stationary object above a high hill behind the home. I quickly alerted my

wife, causing her to see the object also. I drove approximately another 100

yards, just past the home, and stopped. When I stopped the object immediately

disappeared. The best way to describe the object is that it was tank-like in form

with at least three orange lights about midway. These lights were running

horizontally across the side of the object. There were other smaller lights above

and below the larger lights.

The object produced no sound and then suddenly vanished. Also, no movement

was detected as it hovered above the trees on the hill Object sketch by

witnesses. After waiting a short time to see if the object would return the two

continued their drive to the farm, located about a quarter mile distant. When they

arrived at the locked front gate, R and his wife were getting out of the truck to

unlock and 0C open the gate when J what appeared to be the object again. It

was stationary above and in front of their cabin, several hundred feet ahead.

They opened the gate and started driving toward it and the object again

disappeared. We then drove to my barn to get feed and again saw the large

object hovering above the far distant northeast timber horizon. It appeared to be

very large, tank-like on shape and with the same orange lights around the mid-

section. It also seemed to be moving very slowly to the east until it suddenly


Shortly after it disappeared, two large orange lights came into view, to the right of

 where the object had been. These two lights grew larger in dimension and then

disappeared with no sound. After seeing this, called T and K (their son and

daughter) who then came to the farm also? Nothing was seen for the next forty-

five minutes. While I was in the cabin I heard them call for me. When I arrived at

the car where they were sitting, they told me what they had seen. While looking

east, they all three (J, T & K) saw a glowing light coming up the hill from the

creek below toward them. They equated the glow to that of vehicular headlights

coming up from the creek, however, neither beam or source of light was seen -

only its glow. In essence, the glow appeared as headlights which had not topped

the hill. I checked the area on my first trip and found the terrain over which the

glow passed was very rough, headlights would have been bouncing around - the

glow was steady. There is nothing in that direction that could have produced light

of any kind. Also, the farm is totally gated, a vehicle could not enter the area

unless it passed the caretakers home - and all the gates were locked. The

witnesses estimated that the glow approached to within 150 feet of their position

and went out about thirty minutes later, I along with the other three saw a similar 

 beam or glow moving east across the open field from which they had originally

seen the light. It appeared as a faint spotlight searching the field, but the light

had no bright source.  The field is located several hundred feet from the cabin

and is clearly visible. There are no roads or access, the area is extremely quiet

and the slightest sound could have been heard. At about 20:45, while driving

home, we approached the T - home again illuminated by his porch light, T stood

in his yard with rifle in hand. We stopped and T told us that his dogs had been

barking so he came out to see what had them riled up. His goats, sheep, and

large guard dogs who usually spend the night on the hill where we first viewed

the hovering object had come off the hill and  were gathered around T house.

According to T, the animals were very restless.

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