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Clark's Fork UFO Report? 

The following incident occurred on January 6, 2012.

The witness left his business in Columbia, Mo. around 7:15PM on Friday, January 6 taking the same route he took every night to his home just on the outskirts of Boonville, Mo. He was driving south on Highway 87 having just passed Old Highway 87 when he noticed red lights in the middle of the road just ahead not quite to Clark's Fork.  Thinking he was coming up to an accident he slowed down. The witness pulled to the side of the road and stopped his car. He grabbed a flashlight, turned it on and shone it toward a pick up truck which was sideways in the road. It was then that he realized the red lights were actually hovering over the vehicle stopped in the middle of Hwy 87. The UFO then moved up and headed east toward Columbia. The pick up truck sped off. The UFO turned around and came back to the witness. He reached for a camera but everything happened too fast; the Unknown was coming directly at him. It stopped over his car and he could see orange and reddish lights reflected on the hood. It seemed to be coming down. The window was open and he leaned out thinking it might be a helicopter. There was no prop noise only a deep bass sound with the rhythm of a heart beat. Luckily it moved off and left him. The next day his face looked as though he had a sunburn.

 Google Map   http://goo.gl/maps/BdQb1  Blue pin UFO.