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Clark's Fork UFO Report? 

The following incident occurred on January 6, 2012.

The witness left his business in Columbia, Mo. around 7:15PM on Friday, January 6 taking the same route he took every night to his home just on the outskirts of Boonville, Mo. He was driving south on Highway 87 having just passed Old Highway 87 when he noticed red lights in the middle of the road just ahead not quite to Clark's Fork.  Thinking he was coming up to an accident he slowed down. The witness pulled to the side of the road and stopped his car. He grabbed a flashlight, turned it on and shone it toward a pick up truck which was sideways in the road. It was then that he realized the red lights were actually hovering over the vehicle stopped in the middle of Hwy 87. The UFO then moved up and headed east toward Columbia. The pick up truck sped off. The UFO turned around and came back to the witness. He reached for a camera but everything happened too fast; the Unknown was coming directly at him. It stopped over his car and he could see orange and reddish lights reflected on the hood. It seemed to be coming down. The window was open and he leaned out thinking it might be a helicopter. There was no prop noise only a deep bass sound with the rhythm of a heart beat. Luckily it moved off and left him. The next day his face looked as though he had a sunburn.

 Google Map   http://goo.gl/maps/BdQb1  Blue pin UFO.


In her book, The Haunted Boonslick, (page 60) Mary Collins Barile recounts elements of this UFO report.

The small Boonslick settlement of Clark’s Fork  lies approximately seven miles south of Boonville in an isolated valley. The history of the area began with small settlements, and in the 1830’s a settler named Story built a cabin in what is now Clark’s Fork Valley. He was a solitary man. One of those folks, who kept to himself, raised his own crops and had few contacts with neighbors. Still, one day several men made a neighborly stop at the Story cabin, only to find the door open, the dogs wandering the yard and the fire cold. It appeared that nothing had been removed from the cabin; Story’s rifle was there, as were his belonging. Some folks believed he just upped and left for the West but others shook their heads. What man would leave behind his gun and dogs if he were going to start a new life? Story’s body was never found, and eventually the farm was sold to strangers. By the 1880’2 a family named Houston was living on the Story farm. They had heard rumors of strange goings on and assumed it was local legend-nothing to worry about. But the Houstons soon learned that their quiet valley was haunted by a loud and busy ghost.

The Houston family described the spook as a ball of white light that would appear at night. The ball did not change size but floated above the trees or about the ground at waist height. It was always seen at the north valley rim. Sometimes it moved quickly; other times it might hover for more than an hour in a single spot…

Houston descendents, a father and son, were interviewed in the 1940’s and stated that they once approached the light when it came close to the house. They were close enough to discover that it gave off no heat. They believed that they heard voices coming from the light.

Another family claimed that they heard the spook driving a herd of hogs through the forest. There were sounds of trees falling, brush being trampled, rustling leaves but the next day no trace was found. It was also reported the light would stop in the middle of the road and stop travelers.

So what was witnessed in January 2012? A UFO or the ghost of Clark's Fork? Could they be the same thing?

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