MIG - Missouri Investigators Group

1960:  South of the cabin property - D and J K, brothers, saw three lighted discs moving toward them from the east. It was 10:00 am and they were in their front yard. The objects were in a single file one behind the other, they made no sound and were moving directly toward them and their house. The objects were about four feet in diameter and were light orange and appeared to glow. When the objects were about 200 feet from them, D said it appeared the objects realized they were heading toward a house and they abruptly turned to travel back in the general direction they had come from. He said they were no more than 100 feet above a hickory tree in their yard when they turned back. J and D told no one about this for 40 years.

December 16, 1998: Cabin owner describes the events: At 6:45 pm I

arrived at the entrance gate to my farm. I shut off the engine and as I

began to exit the truck to unlock the gate I saw a bright light appear

above the northeast horizon. As I watched, six more lights appeared in

a horizontal line to make a total of seven lights. After several seconds

they began to squeeze out. I immediately called T.  T and I sat for

about twenty minutes watching the northeast; we saw a faint orange

light appear. The field beneath the light seemed to have a faint

spotlight glow moving around over the field. About fifteen seconds

later, a second orange light appeared, and as we both watched, a

small silver object exited the orange object and began moving

southeast. We both watched the silver object as it flew out of sight.

Over the next forty-five minutes, three orange lights appeared.

December 17, 1998: Eight witnesses observed a small bright light

moving from south to northeast at high speed. It suddenly made an

immediate hairpin U turn and began traveling south. About five

seconds later, a large orange glow appeared where the smaller light

was located. When the orange glow was brightest, a very small object

moved out of the orange glow and traveled out of sight toward the

south. During the next thirty to forty minutes, a total of sixteen orange

lights were seen. Ten lights in a continual succession were seen

lighting up in a perfect horizontal line across the northeastern sky.

These lights were followed in a few minutes by three lights in a spaced

apart, somewhat vertical arrangement. NC videotaped some of the ten

lights. As he attempted to tape the smaller object, the camera would

not function; however, it did function when turned away from the


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