MIG - Missouri Investigators Group

Where in the world is Marley Woods?

UFO investigators have asked that question for years. Ted Phillips has made sure over the years that any other serious investigators would never find out by coining the fictitious name, "Marley Woods".

The area, in Oregon County Missouri, was, maybe still is, an investigators dream; discs, triangles, big hairy creatures, dead animals, who could want more? It is unfortunate that Phillips has managed to keep it a secret. According to other investigators, some very close to him, Phillips has gone so far as to convince local residents that they should not talk to anyone but him thus ensuring that he would be the only one allowed to investigate.

Sadly, because of his work and his health, Phillips has not been able to investigate the area the way it should have been with serious investigators who had state of the art equipment.  I am posting this info with the hope that it will allow more investigators to come into the area. 

So, where is Marley Woods and where have the sightings and events occurred? "Marley Woods" is in in Oregon County, defined by Koshkonong on the West, Thomasville on the North, Thayer and Myrtle on the South, and Bardley (Ripley County) on the East.