MIG - Missouri Investigators Group

2009 UFO Reports. Alton, Mo. 65606. County Road 302 off Highway 19.

Reported incidents occurred on 7/4, 7/7 and 7/8/09. An installed DVR/camera system recorded anomalous lit object on these three occasions.

Pete and his wife Carol have lived on their property several miles to the SW of Alton MO for eleven years. Pete has set up several video cameras to view their private drive and has also installed several IR sensors and an audio communicator to sense and talk to persons who may follow the access road onto their property.

The video cameras are connected to an Aver Media Aver Di Gi EB1304NET DVR which can record video clips both manually and automatically when set to respond in one of several trigger modes. Pete uses the motion-sensing mode where a recording starts when the DVR sees a significant change in pixel brightness in a short period of time within the incoming video signal.

On 7/4 at 8:51 pm the DVR started recording when it was triggered by an object of some kind seen by a bullet camera affixed to a tree 500’ away. Two other video clips were recorded within the next four days. After having played the videos frame by frame several times, Pete is stunned and baffled by what he sees; all three videos show a strange lit object that zooms through the video camera’s field of view.

In the first video, taken at dusk and barely two seconds long, a yellowish-orange light appears near the center of the cameras FOV and rapidly moves diagonally upwards then blinks out. When first looking at the original DVR recording on a standard TV Pete could just barely see an object leaving after the light goes out. Late it was notices that you could just barely see an object coming into the FOV field of view as well. This answers the question as to what the DVR saw to initiate the recording since the object, when viewed frame-by-frame, can indeed be seen in the first video frame.

After interviewing Pete and Carol, the investigators visited their neighbors to check if they had seen anything around the same time the video was recorded. They had not seen anything then but had seen something about the brightness of a flashlight move past their bedroom window and light up the room about two weeks before. That night the sky was clear, the time was around 11 pm and though they did not see the light directly, they did get out of bed to see what it might have been, knowing that it could not have been headlights, as their driveway is angled such that headlights of approaching cars could not shine into their bedroom. 


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