MIG - Missouri Investigators Group

 2011-01-01 1:30AM 8-10 orange fireball lights moving slowly to the west, 3-4 disappeared  then reappeared. Couch, MO, US.


Traveling down highway 19 toward Alton, MO at 130 a.m. on January 1st, going to get son & daughter in law from a New Year’s Eve party. After passing "A" highway, I spotted out in open field, 8-10 large glowing balls of fire-like Orange globes all floating above the edge of field at treetop height about 1/2 mile away to the South of our car path. They appeared to not be moving at all. My 11 year old daughter was in the backseat and also pointed out to them and I knew I was not seeing things then. I asked my husband who was driving to pull over. He did so after another 1/4 mile as this was the driveway where we were picking up my son. When we stopped, my son & his wife were waiting for us and had also spotted the lights. I noticed that after we stopped, the lights made no sound whatsoever & were all in a straight line path with each other and moving very, very slowly toward the West. While watching, some of the lights just went out like someone turned off a switch, then as they were lighting up again, others would go out. We watched this from a stopped position on the ground for about 10 minutes and eventually, all of them faded out. They appeared to be over the town of Couch, MO. We were all stunned and were not sure what to think. We felt no fear, just amazed. I am a Private Pilot and have never seen any aircraft act or look like this. If it were for no sound, and they way they were moving sideways, I would have thought it were the after burns of military jets. I was too stunned to capture video, but have since seen identical video of these lights on YouTube.

2008-02-13 7:38PM Orange-ish, slowly blinking-bright to dull, stationary. Alton, MO, US.


We were driving down CC Hwy in a northerly direction, noticed object, watched as we could while road twisted & turned, did not stop, about 3 minutes of siting, it just vanished. I just watched the videos of Chris Bledsoe, and the ufo we watched was much like your animation, although only one of them. (I reported this also at nuforc.org-the next day http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/061/S61595.html)
Just wanted to share, as it was in the same time frame...wish I had more to tell you. Thanks for your work!

2006-12-05 6:30PM glowing balls of light Myrtle, MO, US .


We were visiting my parents on a gravel road. We had left to go to the store, it was already dark outside, and when we returned, we noticed glowing balls of light. The first two was on the road. We sped up to take a better look, and they went into a nearby field. As soon as they crossed the fence line, the third one lit up. Then more came, I'd say up to ten at a time. There were some high in the sky doing circles. They would come on and go off just like someone had flipped a switch. They did not blink; they were constant light until the light went off. Some had a halo glow around them when they lit up. When my wife got scared and we decided to go back to my parents’ house, three of them followed us to their driveway, then they disappeared. It was almost like they were playing with us, the way they would light up then disappear. I have always been a skeptic and been able to explain most anything. This time, I can find no reasonable explanation for what I saw.

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