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Area 51 Decoy Now, Real Activity Hanford Washington, Confirmed 
From Anonymous -  2006
http://www.informantnews.com INFORMANT NEWS NO LONGER EXISTS
1st Message received: Message: Have contact who did rev engineering on alien propulsion at Hanford. No Joke, No Hoax. Contact me BEFORE 4/14 if interested. DO NOT go public with this info or contact will cease.

2nd Message Received:   Thanks for getting back to me quickly.

Given all of the revelations of late this one is probably minor in comparison, but I’ve kept this info to myself for a few years now and I finally feel it’s time to get it out. Another piece of the huge jigsaw puzzle…..

A quick background on myself. I am a degreed engineer in the high-tech industry and have worked in the development of systems including unmanned robotic submarines, military satellite communications, and highly advanced medical equipment. I have been tested with a genius level IQ, and I am generally a very skeptical and scientifically minded individual. I don’t fool easily.

I am also a first-hand witness to 2 different UFO sightings – the point there being that I am not a “believer”. I don’t need to “believe” that UFOs exist because I know they exist.

During the 1970’s I was in the USAF as an electronics technician stationed in the California Mojave desert. During that time I became friends with another AF technician, for the course of this exchange we’ll call him Jay. I left the USAF in ’78, but Jay stayed in for a number of years more.

Around 2000 I was poking around on the internet and happened to find contact information for Jay, whom I had not seen or spoken to since I left the AF. After a few exchanges we agreed to meet again in person. I do not live in the same area of the US as Jay, but I was planning a visit to his area for other reasons and ended up combining the trip so that I could accomplish both objectives. The only reason for our getting together was to talk about “old times”, and rekindle what was once a very good and close friendship.

During my visit with Jay the talk began by being centered on old times and old friends. When speaking about 2 mutual friends in particular I explained to Jay that early one morning during our time in the AF I was traveling through the desert in a car with these 2 mutual friends and we witnessed 3 UFOs hovering and maneuvering at impossible rates of speed. Most people are either amazed or skeptical when I speak of my sightings, but Jay did not seem at all surprised, and he took it very causally. Jay then told me that we needed to get out of the house and take a walk. During this walk Jay related to me how he was recruited in the early 80’s to work on a project reverse engineering an alien propulsion system. He claims that this work was done at a DOE site near Richland, WA. Jay also implied that Area 51 for years now has been no more than a decoy – the real work having been long ago moved to the Richland area. Jay went into great detail about what he knew of the project. I was very surprised and shocked. Even being a first-hand UFO witness I was extremely skeptical of Jay’s story (my natural first reaction to anything such as this). I asked Jay questions, and he was able to “fire” his answers right back without hesitation. I asked Jay why he didn’t seem to be afraid to give me this information. Jay’s opinion was that “everyone is going to find out soon enough anyway”. Jay believed that disclosure was inevitable and would be happening sometime in the near-term future. Even though Jay left the AF after about a decade on the project he claims to have maintained contact with some of the key project members whom he still considers friends.

Jay told me that the project might be able to use someone with my talents and skills, and offered to forward my resume to the appropriate persons if I so desired. At that time I was not in a position to make such a move due to family considerations, but I do remember telling him that under other circumstances I’d “give my right arm” to work on such a project. Jay told me that if I ever changed my mind to just let him know – but of course he could not promise anything more than to forward my resume along with a “good word” to one of his friends on the project. I asked if they would consider a civilian on the project, and he told me that the project was actually being managed by civilians working for a large, well known, defense contractor.

Last year I was at a point in my life where I became able to seriously consider working on such a project. I contacted Jay and told him so. But instead of delivering my resume directly he told me the name of the defense contractor in charge of the project, and gave me some pointers on how to submit my resume. I did so, but never heard back anything. After a few months I began to become disillusioned at not even receiving an acknowledgment of my resume submission, and I began to doubt Jay’s story.

Then, just the other day I found your website. In particular I found your page concerning the DOE Hanford facility. I have been searching on and off for a while now to see if I could find any public info that related the Hanford site with UFO activity – and then BINGO, there it was on your site.

Editors Note See: http://www.informantnews.com/starshipgamma/misc/rattlesnake.htm

This was a huge confirmation for me concerning Jay’s story – and that’s why I contacted you and not someone else.

I haven’t spoken with Jay in 5 or 6 months now, but unless he has moved with no forwarding info I can call him and he has always been very open and willing to speak with me on the subject. I also have an email address for Jay that I know was working a few months ago.

So there is the complete and honest truth. I would like to contact Jay again so that this time I can get his story written down in detail. I feel that it would be very helpful if you could help me formulate some questions for Jay, in particular ones which would help us verify Jay’s story (although I tend to believe him anyway, additional proof always helps).

I have a strong desire to get to the truth of this whole matter. Obviously disclosure can’t come soon enough for me, but then again I don’t trust the government’s time-line and I’m personally not convinced that disclosure will be coming soon. I think it is time that I make my contribution to this “puzzle” in the hopes that the American people will soon be able to have enough proof to force full disclosure.

3rd Message Received:

Attached is a zip file containing what I promised to send to you. The zip file is encrypted. WinZip version 10.0 was used to zip and encrypt - if you don't have it on your PC it can be downloaded for free, just go to www.winzip.com.

The password is the 25th word in the last sentence (including punctuation characters, if any) of my message to you dated 4/21/06.

Full permission is now given to publish all information I have provided to date but I respectfully ask that you provide a disclaimer that this information, while believed to be 100% factual and from a reliable source, still has the possibility of being fabricated or disinformation. Of course, I would not be providing this information to you unless I had full confidence in my source and fully believed him to be telling me the truth.

Please note one error I have encountered. That is that originally I believed my source to be a member of the military during his Richland project, but since then I have found out that he had left the military and was employed as a civilian working for the defense contractor in charge of the project.

I don't believe that I will ever use this email account again. If you or your associates wish to contact me in the future please put a note "To Willy" somewhere on the main page of your website (can be an obscure bottom corner if you wish). Also, If I find myself receiveing any more pertinant information in the future regarding this subject be assured that I will be in touch to pass it along to you.



Final Message Recieved:

This document was compiled from information I received during several telephone conversations with “Jay”. Much was said during these conversations, both on the UFO subject and on personal matters between two old friends. What is contained in this document is only that information relating to UFOs and alien technology, presented in the order in which it occurred during the phone conversations. The names of all persons mentioned in this document have been changed for their protection.

After leaving the USAF Jay worked for Westinghouse in or near Richland WA during the 1980s. The project was a collaboration between the US and the Japanese having to do with using pulsed electron beams for spacecraft propulsion (Jay also later related that this approach eventually hit a dead-end and was abandoned). Jay worked for Sandy, whose husband is a leading nuclear physicist who supposedly enrolled at MIT at a very young age. Sandy's husband (who did not work on the same project as Jay and Sandy) is on numerous boards and committees dealing with UFO crash recoveries and reverse engineering. Jay claims to still (as of 2006) be good friends with Sandy and her husband. One evening (date not given) while visiting at Sandy's home Sandy's husband told Jay that he had visited more than 50 UFO crash sites all over the world. Sandy's husband showed Jay a piece of “tin foil” that could not be torn or damaged and which returned perfectly to its original shape after being bent or crumpled. The piece of foil appeared to have been in some kind of explosion as it's edges were ragged as if blown apart by a great force. In Richland Jay worked “up in a little room” within an above ground building where it was required that when the work crew left a button was pushed which caused a green light to be lit on the exterior of the building indicating that all personnel had left the facility. One time Jay and his coworkers forgot to push the button and upon exiting the building to the outside they were immediately surrounded by military police with weapons drawn (I suppose that anyone seen coming out of the building when the green light was not on became suspect – inferring that all personnel had to enter and leave the building together). Whenever they had to do some “reactor work” (no explanation as to what that was) they would “go down” to a reactor “down by the river”, and this area was underground as was much of the facility. This was the only reference Jay made to any underground facilities in the Richland area.

During my next phone conversation with Jay he told me that he had a phone conversation with Sandy that same day. Jay related to her my “Black Triangle” sighting of March 30th, 2006 over my New England home (my sighting report can be viewed on www.hbccufo.org) and asked her if she knew why there seemed to be a lot more UFO sightings in the last 2 years, and a lot less media coverage of sightings at the same time. She confirmed that Jay was correct with this assessment, but she didn't answer Jay's next question as to why this was the case. Sandy told Jay that the Black Triangles were known as “The Searchers” which appear to be mapping the earth in some way or gathering other types of world-wide data on us using their sensors. Their origin and intentions seem to be largely unknown to Sandy and her husband. The conversation then turned to their old employer, Westinghouse. Over the last 10 years Westinghouse has supposedly withdrawn more and more from the public eye, the implication being that Westinghouse is becoming involved to greater and greater degrees with alien technology research. Sandy said to Jay “Tell me what you've heard about Westinghouse in the media over the last 10 years”, implying that their activities are increasingly being focused on black project work. Sandy stated “They are so far ahead in technology that if their technology (derived from alien technology) was marketed to the public they would easily become the largest and richest technology company in the world”. When Jay expressed some surprise and doubt Sandy said “C'mon Jay, you were up here, you used to work for Westinghouse”. During the conversation Sandy's husband came into the room and after Sandy said she was speaking with Jay Sandy's husband got on the phone with Jay. After Jay told Sandy's husband about my recent sighting Sandy's husband confirmed that there has recently been highly increased Black Triangle activity over the United States, the reason for this is apparently unknown.

During the 1980's when Jay and Sandy were working at Westinghouse Sandy's husband was working on a separate project involving magnetic propulsion derived from reverse engineered alien technology.

Jay's project involved electron beams which were accelerated and bounced off a target (a type of titanium alloy) to propel the target (difficult to understand from what Jay said exactly what he meant – propel the target or ?). The propulsion worked, but it was uncontrollable. The Japanese had already been working on the project for 10 years prior to Jay coming onto the project. The thought at that time was that alien craft traveled long distances in a reasonable time period simply by traveling extremely fast, but now it is known this is not the case. Based on information he receives through his friendship with Sandy and her husband Jay believes that all efforts are now focused on propulsion based on the bending or warping of space. Sandy's husband told Jay that he missed an exciting opportunity by “turning down that job”. I recall that Jay told me several years ago that the life of a black project worker put so much stress on himself and his family that it was the cause of his divorce from his first wife. I assume at that time (late 80's or early 90's) is when Jay decided he no longer wanted to continue doing black project work. Sandy's husband has made the comment to Jay that “We'll be visiting the other side of the universe within years”, but Jay thinks that maybe Sandy's husband might either be sharing wishful thinking or he may have been letting Jay know something real that he could not expand on further. Jay claims that Sandy's husband is a bit eccentric in addition to being a genius and often Jay must “read between the lines” concerning things that Sandy's husband tells him. Sandy's husband talked again about “The Searchers” who are “mapping” the earth (but what kind of mapping wasn't explained). Sandy's husband says that the Black Triangles are showing up everywhere, rural and urban areas – not seeming to concentrate on specific targets like some other UFOs appear to do. Sandy , Jack, Dave, and two others made up Jay's project team in Richland. Westinghouse recruited Jay through Wayne-Gate Dynaweld (?)(not sure if I got this spelling right, but it's what it sounded like to me).


The view of Rattlesnake Mountain from the Horn Rapids Golf Course in Richland.
Elevation3,527 ft (1,075 m)[1]
LocationBenton County, Washington, U.S.
Coordinates46°24′20″N 119°36′38″W


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