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UFO Displays and World History

1939-1946: World War II; German rocket and jet technology advances; Bikini atoll atomic tests; Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bombs, 1945-46. 

1944-1946: UFOs ("foo-fighters") observed by Allied and Axis pilots. 

1947: V-2 and other rocket/missile tests; Nevada A- bomb tests; flight of X-1, first supersonic aircraft. 

1947: First major wave of UFO sightings in U.S. initially focused in Northwest. 

June 25, 1950-July 26, 1953: Korean War; first American H-bomb detonated Nov 1, 1952. 

1952: Major UFO wave June-December, including radar-visual, pilot sightings, jet interceptor chase cases; September NATO sightings during North Sea maneuvers. 

1954: Bikini atoll H-bomb test March 1 injures Japanese fishermen with radioactive fallout; height of Cold War struggle over fate of Germany; maturation of ICBMs due to improved inertial guidance systems; Algerian War begins, Nov. 1. 

1954: Major UFO sighting wave September-October, primarily in Europe, including numerous humanoid sightings for first time. 

1957: British H-bomb test May 15 at Christmas Island; first Soviet ICBM successfully launched Aug. 26; Sputnik I, first earth satellite launch, Oct. 4; Sputnik II (carrying dog) launched Nov. 3. 

1957: Major UFO wave October-December, primarily focused in southwest and Midwest United States. 

October 1958-September 1961: Moratorium by major powers on further nuclear testing; Sept.-Oct. 1959 Soviet lunar flights, including Lunik II impact on Moon, Sept.13; Soviet Venus probe launched Feb.12, 1961; Soviet nuclear testing resumed Aug. 29, 1961. 

Apr.12, 1961-June 16, 1963: First manned Earth-orbital flights, 12 in 26 months; British and American nuclear testing resumed Feb. 7, 1962; Ranger IV impacts on Moon April 26, 1962; Mariner 2 Venus probe launched Aug.27, 1962; American-Cuban crisis Sept- Nov.1962. 

Fall 1963: Nuclear test ban treaty signed Aug. 5; President John F Kennedy assassinated Nov.22. 

1959-1963: Significant lull period in reported UFO sightings. 

1964-67: Lunar landings and deep space probes; multiple-manned Earth-orbital flights, 13 between Oct.1964 and April 1967; Middle East war; height of U.S. involvement in Vietnam War. 

1964: Ranger VII impacts on Moon July 31; Communist Chinese explode nuclear bomb for first time Oct.16; Mariner 4 Mars probe launched Nov.28. 

1965: Ranger VIII launched Feb.17 for lunar impact; Ranger IX launched Mar.21 for lunar impact; Soviet Venus probe launched Nov.12. 

1966: Soviet Union first successful lunar "soft landing" Feb. 3; Soviet probe impacts on Venus Mar 1; Soviet Luna 10 placed in lunar orbit March 31; Chinese H-bomb detonated May 9; Surveyor 1 launched May 30, lunar landing; Soviet Luna 13 Moon landing Dec.24. 

1967: Surveyor 3 Moon landing Apr 19; third Israeli-Arab war begins June 5; Soviet Venera 4 launched, "soft landing" on Venus; Mariner 5 passes near Venus Oct.19. 

1964-67: Renewal of UFO sightings after 7-year lull; largest volume sighting wave in UFO history  1966-67; Congressional hearings and Colorado UFO Project formed, 1966. 

August 24, 1968: First French H-bomb test. 

July 20, 1969: U.S. lands men on Moon. 

1973: OPEC oil embargo, petroleum crisis and political turmoil in U.S., Agnew resignation; Israeli-Arab war Oct. 6-21. 

1973: Major UFO wave October-November after 4-5 year lull, featuring numerous humanoid sightings and Hickson-Parker abduction. 

1978: Continuing Middle East crises, petroleum short age, OPEC price rises. 

1978: Sighting wave October-December in Middle East and Australasia (little publicized in U.S.), including Arab Nation sightings and oil field landing. 

(Sources: NASA Space Activities Summaries, 1960s; "Chronology of Major European Events;' University of S. Carolina, Feb. 8, 1978; Encyclopedia Britannica, 1969, atomic energy and space exploration entries)


Top 10 States reporting
UFO close encounters vs. population 
(Based on 379 CE II and CE III cases through 1967) 

(Population Rank, 1970 Census)

1. California (1) 
2. Ohio (6) 
3. New York (2) 
4. Pennsylvania (3) 
5. Texas (4)

6.   Illinois (5) 
7.   New Mexico (37) 
8.   Indiana (11) 
9.   Missouri (13)* 
10. Florida (9)

*ln a study by Ted Phillips (see Bibliography) analyzing 2,105 CE-lI physical trace cases through 1951, Missouri ranked 3rd in case frequency vs. 13th in population.

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