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Robbert van den Broeke, and Stella Lansing.

As far as is known Robbert van den Broeke, a young Dutchman who lives in the southern Netherlands' village of Hoeven, is singular in his ability to consistently and accurately predict the appearance of new crop formations in his general vicinity. Now 28 years old (2008), he has since early adolescence experienced "visions" which contain both the location and the design of the new crop circle accompanied by a clear sense that the new formation is either occurring at that precise moment or that it will occur soon. In the days just prior to these experiences he generally feels a build-up of physical and/or mental "angst" (nervousness and tension) which dissipates once the crop circle has actually formed.

Over the years he has also visually witnessed many crop circles forming, often accompanied by dramatic light phenomena -- although not the same light anomalies in every case. In both daytime and at night he has watched single or multiple spheres of usually bright white or yellowish light hovering over a field (often in the past the field directly behind his parents' home) under which the plants suddenly flatten creating a new crop circle. Sometimes he reports seeing simply one or multiple flashes of light, after which a new circle or a more complex formation has been found in the field.
In addition to Robbert's unique recognition of the presence of these unidentified energies which are apparently present just before and during the appearance of crop circles (and often remnant afterwards in the fields), Robbert increasingly exhibits other highly unusual sensitivities. He has become known in Holland as a "medium" of considerable ability (a person with enhanced psychic talent) and now regularly sees clients who have requested healing sessions and/or "readings" (for which there are long waiting lists).



Robbert isn’t the only one creating pictures on film.See the case of Stella Lansing.



The Stella Lansing Case

Some of the purported data suggests patterns lending support to psychic interpretations. For example, there is the case of Mrs. Stella Lansing of Palmer, Massachusetts, which has been studied for many years by the eminent psychiatrist, Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz.,

Since 1967, Mrs. Lansing has produced over fifty rolls of 8mm movie film depicting saucer-shaped UFOs and other unidentified objects, using a variety of cameras under many different conditions. It has become something of a hobby for her -- almost a compulsion. Following her intuitive impressions, at all hours of the day or night, in all sorts of weather, often accompanied by researchers, she roams about the countryside with her camera. Many times the strange lights in the sky she manages to photograph have been witnessed by friends, neighbors and independent observers. Some of her sightings have been verified by officials at the local airport. Sometimes other people accompanying Mrs. Lansing are also able to photograph the strange lights.

On the other hand, many of her pictures are quite unlike the lights that have been witnessed. Objects and faces appear on the film very reminiscent of Ted Serios' psychic photographs. In fact, investigation suggests Mrs. Lansing can exert a psychokinetic effect upon film, videotape, and even large static objects. Strange sounds and voices also appear on audio tapes in her presence. Some of her apparent psychic photographs show images of flying saucers in a clocklike formation.

Often Mrs. Lansing claims to see these strange images that show up on the film, even though they are invisible to observers. Other individuals standing next to Mrs. Lansing are unable to photograph these odd images.

She has always shown complete openness and willingness to cooperate with scientific investigators. Years of psychiatric observations have convinced Dr. Schwarz of her honesty. The famous mentalist, Joseph Dunninger, a friend of Dr. Schwarz, also has examined Mrs. Lansing, finding no signs of fraud nor any logical explanation for her phenomena.

 According to Schwarz, her photographs point to the physical existence of possible UFOs and associated entities. However the ostensible psychic events that accompany this evidence suggest other dimensions to this phenomena.


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