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In this instance one of the many direct writings, that were produced seem to occur. We see the pencil move upon a paper that was apported into the tank CLICK TO ENLARGEIn these frames an empty balloon suddenly begins to inflate, while a fire breaks out at the bottom of the minilabLeather rings levitate in front of the rolling camera
One of the metal-pieces that was bent in one of the sealed boxes under paranormal ageny
One of the messages of the communicating entities regarding their power to overcome the minilab-seals
Interestingly the well known control "John King" permanently playing paranormal roles through the centuries writes a beseeching statement: WE EXIST! WE REALLY DO EXIST! WE ARE NOT PART OF YOUR OWN MIND OR JUST PK. WE REALLY DO SURVIVE. PLEASE BELIEVE US! JOHN KING
Finally the weird story around the Myra-photo: Communicating for a long time with an entity, called herself Myra (later Miss Myra Cavanaugh, of Alton, Illonis) claiming to be a student of the University of Missouri 1860. After several attempts to make Myra visible a group of Sorrat-Experimenters were ordered by the communicating entity to a special lawn on the Universities area. There they found nothing, but photographed the area. On one of the photos Myra appeared.

Today the Sorrat-Experiments are widely declined because of the peculiar and sometimes suspicious films that were taken. Many researchers have the opinion, that some, if not all filmed materials are hoaxed, so the conclusion is, the whole case is worthless.

In regard of the whole history of occurrences around Sorrat that verdict may be not justified in every sight. At the time we check, if it is possible to show you parts of the films, that are in our possession and are not published anywhere on the internet. (end) And here is the rest of it.  


(http://felixcircle.blogspot.com/2008/09/sorrat.html ) for this wonderful article on SORRAT.

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