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Black Helicopters by Barbara Becker

1984/1985: At that time I was still attending MUFON meetings in St. Louis, Missouri. The meetings were poorly attended and it was easy to spot a new face. Lisa (not real name) was a new face; a middle-class suburban woman in her late thirties, casual but nicely dressed. She began attending the meetings on a regular basis. She usually sat alone, talked to very few people and scurried out immediately following the meeting. I decided to approach her and try to make her feel more comfortable. After many months she began to warm to me and feel more relaxed. Often after the "official" meeting, some of us would go to a local fast food restaurant to continue the discussions. Lisa would never join us, citing various "normal" reasons. One night I asked her to come with us and she said, "I just can’t go. They’re always listening." and left. I didn’t know what to make of the remark. The next meeting came and Lisa was there. Afterwards I again asked her if she would like to go and get coffee. This time she said yes, but when we got to the restaurant, which had glass windows on all sides, she decided to leave stating that "They know what you are saying through the vibrations on the glass". She was opening up, but what was she talking about? It took a very long time, but Lisa finally trusted me enough to tell me her story.


Lisa was an abductee. This is what she told me. In the early 80's her husband worked for a commercial airline in the United States , but his employment had taken him to Saudi Arabia . She and her children lived in an American compound in Saudi Arabia . There were many pilot’s wives and children living in this compound. It was very comfortable, complete with a swimming pool, rec rooms etc.; it had to be because the women usually did not leave the compound. If they went shopping they were subject to the Muslim dress code and conduct; they couldn’t drive and had to be escorted by a male, preferably a relative. They could not be protected outside the compound. The compound was a walled fortress with gates and guards. It was harder to get in than to get out. While in Saudi Arabia Lisa began having strange dreams of "little men" coming into her room at night while she slept. She became afraid to sleep. She thought it was just stress from the situation and went to the doctor who gave her sleeping pills. She did not take them. Then she discovered that her children were having the same dreams, only they remembered leaving their beds and being taken someplace else off the compound. She was terrified. She couldn’t flee, where would she go? She told her husband and begged to go home to the US but he dismissed her. She was stuck in Saudi Arabia in that compound until his tour was over.

The abductions continued, she decided to force herself to remember. (In telling me her story, she could not bring herself to talk about the details of her examinations, and I did not push it.) During one abduction, she recognized another American woman from the compound. Every day she would watch for this woman. Finally she found her at the pool. Lisa’s fear level was rising. She finally got up the nerve to talk to this woman but the woman had no memory of her abduction, or at least she wasn’t talking about it. Lisa believed her telephone was tapped. She also believed her thoughts were being monitored and she believed that during one abduction she was taken to a local U.S military base. The "dreams" lessened. She was feeling more at ease until one night she turned and saw one of the "greys" looking through the window at her. This time she was awake. She wasn’t sure what she had seen, but she was sure she had seen it. She finally received word that they were returning to the states. The abductions seemed to stop.

Upon returning to the states she decided to attend UFO meetings with the hope she would find out what had happened to her. As time went on she confided more in me. She believed that her sisters had also been abducted as children and that it might even reach to her mother. She was sure the US Government was involved. Then she told me about the Black Helicopters that would buzz her suburban St. Charles, Missouri house at all hours of day and night. She lived by Lambert Airport so seeing helicopters did not seem strange to me, but she mentioned that her next door neighbor had seen them too and wanted to know what was going on. Two witnesses are better than one. Before I could arrange an interview with the neighbor I received a frantic telephone call from Lisa.

It was the middle of the day in the middle of the week. Lisa and the neighbor were watching the helicopters flying over their houses RIGHT NOW. Lisa put the neighbor on the phone and she confirmed what she was saying. I told Lisa to get a camera, any camera; I didn’t care if it had film in it. I just wanted her to point it at the helicopters, act like she was taking pictures, and make sure they saw her doing it. I said I would wait on the phone.  Ten minutes went by, I was still on hold. At the time I lived in a very congested and busy neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Any kind of aircraft flies over at a very high altitude. I stood at the study window looking out. I thought I could hear a "beating" sound off in the distance, beating like the sound of helicopter blades. It was getting louder. Then I saw it; a small black unmarked helicopter. It was east of my position and moving from north to south. Its altitude was about 200 feet and when I first saw it, about 300 feet away. It swung itself around and pointed the front directly at the window I was standing in. There were no markings and the windows were blacked out.  It paused briefly, as if to see me and let me see it, then swung around again, raised up and went back to the north. I sat down wondering what had happened. I had always been skeptical about black helicopters and now I had seen one...and they saw me. Lisa returned to the phone and told me they were gone, the camera had done it. I did not tell her about my experience, I thought it would just fuel her fear. A couple of months later, Lisa moved from St. Charles and left no forwarding address. I have never heard from her again. I still have all the notes I made about her case and a clear memory of the day I saw the black helicopters.



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