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During large-scale NATO maneuvers ("Operation Mainbrace") in the North Sea in September 1952, UFOs were sighted for over a week by ships and aircraft of the fleet. Color photographs were taken from the deck of the U.S. aircraft carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt of an unidentified silvery spherical object moving at high speed. No technical analyses of the photographs or other sightings have ever been released. 

Air Force and CIA documents obtained by lawyer Peter Cersten under the Freedom of Information Act reflect the fact that by the early 1950s the U.S. Government was concerned about the pattern of UFOs being sighted at strategic locations. (Gersten, reference A, bibliography) 

On May 25, 1950, the Kirtland, New Mexico, district office of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) reported a series of UFO sightings by scientists, pilots, security personnel, and others to the OSI Director, expressing concern about "...the continued occurrence of unexplained phenomena of this nature in the vicinity of sensitive installations ..." 

In a memo dated December 2, 1952 (on the heels of the major UFO wave of that year) the CIA Assistant Director of Scientific Intelligence alerted CIA Director Walter B. Smith to the pattern of sightings at strategic locations: "Sightings of unexplained objects at great altitudes and traveling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of aerial vehicles." 

During the 1952 wave, including the Washington, D.C., radar-visual sightings, Air Force intelligence had received a steady flow of reports from jet interceptor pilots who had been scrambled to chase unidentified objects detected by radar. Time after time the pilots obtained visual sightings of the UFOs, often locked onto them with airborne radar, but could not catch them. The UFOs sometimes played a cat-and-mouse game, fleeing just out of range of the fighter aircraft, then turning and following the plane as it returned to base. 

Several times during the Washington, D.C., sightings, interceptors were scrambled from Dover AFB, Delaware, and roared into the skies over Washington. Just as they arrived the UFOs would vanish off the radar scopes. Later research in the morgue of a Maryland eastern shore newspaper turned up references to UFOs showing up there, some 70 miles southeast of Washington, moments after they disappeared in Washington. 

An exception was reported in one case when an F-94 pilot from Dover did intercept a group of UFOs when vectored to them by radarmen. A group of civilian and military aviation experts at National Airport watched on radar as the UFOs surrounded the F-94. The terrified pilot was heard on the intercom meekly asking permission to break off contact and return to base. His personal testimony, which has never been released, would make a fascinating addition to the record. What did he see and experience? 

The eerie truth is that the UFOs have reacted differently to armed military interceptors than they have to civilian aircraft. In 1952 they literally followed airliners as they approached Washington National Airport, sometimes hovering in plain sight of them. But they usually stayed out of the way of military jets, behaving almost as if testing their capabilities, or taunting them. 

The CIA case files for 1952, once maintained by the Physics and Electronics Division, have never been released to the public. Do they contain reports of effects on the intercepting aircraft or other odd occurrences? In the widely publicized September 19, 1976, Iranian jet case, American-built F-4's were scrambled to chase UFOs which displayed an "inordinate amount of maneuver- ability!" They also displayed an ability to defend themselves; when one F-4 pilot attempted to fire at a UFO, his weapons control panel abruptly became "inoperable." Another pilot experienced total instrument failure as he closed in on a UFO. A Defense Intelligence Agency evaluation labeled this "an outstanding report." 

These reports border on proof that the ETIs know what our weapons are, perhaps even know when we are getting ready to use them. Another indication of weapons awareness is the SAC base reports also belatedly known to the public through FOIA lawsuits. Quoting lawyer Peter Gersten (Reference B, bibliography): 


"DOD, USAF, and CIA documents reveal that during October, November, and December of 1975, reliable military personnel repeatedly sighted unconventional aerial objects in the vicinity of nuclear weapons storage areas, aircraft alert areas, and nuclear missile control facilities at Loring AFB, Maine; Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan; Malmstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, North Dakota; and Canadian Air Forces Station, Ontario. Many of the sightings were confirmed by radar. At Loring AFB, the interloper 'demonstrated a clear intent on the weapons storage areas' ... 
An Air Force document says that 'Security Option III' was implemented and that security measures were coordinated with 15 Air Force bases from Guam to Newfoundland!'

Many other examples could be cited from UFO history to demonstrate an apparent pattern of the ETIs "watching" our technological development, especially our propulsion (delivery) capabilities, our actions in warfare, our nuclear technology ... and our reaching out into space. Wherever they come from, it may be that we are beginning to pose a threat to them because (a) we can now send space vehicles to the outer planets and beyond, (b) we are warlike, and (c) we have nuclear weapons. 

(Table 5, World-Wide Record of Successful Space Launches, not show here).

As early as 1958 a Yale University social scientist, Dr. Harold D. Lasswell, in discussing space travel, suggested: 

'The implications of the unidentified flying objects (UFOS) may be that we are already viewed with suspicion by more advanced civilizations and that our attempts to gain a foothold elsewhere may  be rebuffed as a threat to other systems of public order."

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