MIG - Missouri Investigators Group

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I was very lucky to have been invited to Skyrim Farm shortly before the group disbanded.  Upon arriving at the farm my husband and I were met by Dr. Richards and another person whose name escapes me. We started to go into the house but stopped on the porch to talk. As we were standing on the wooden porch we began first hear a knocking sound and then feel tapping directly under our feet... it came through the soles of our shoes. I immediately jumped off the porch to see if someone was playing a trick. The porch was totally open for inspection, no lattice, and there was no one there, nor could anyone have run away without being seen.

We left the porch and went inside where we joined about 20 people and after some introductions we all went into the large front dining room to conduct a séance of sorts. After a few minutes the floor did begin shaking while not disturbing other items in the space, like a rocking chair, which did not move, but I attributed it to 20 people standing on an old wooden floor. (In hind site I wonder if the what I called shaking was actually the same phenomenon we felt on the porch?)

After about an hour we stopped the experiment and went off to talk and have refreshments. I walked around the house looking at different things. I decided to sit down, next to me on a table sat a sealed glass box with little toys nestled in a bed of sand. I was musing over the toys when I realized that they were moving while nothing else on the table, which had a lamp with a pull chain on it was not.  I watched for a few minutes and it stopped and did not start again.

I have no doubt, based on my personal experience, that Skyrim was important to the field of Parapsychology. 

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