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PSYCHIC PERSUASION Exploring a New Concept

Copyright © 2009 by Steve Bass, FFSc.   


Psychic Persuasion is a term that refers to a process intrinsic to the UFO phenomenon. For lack of better words, it is a procedure perpetrated upon an unaware victim whereby they are externally influenced to make decisions allowing a sighting or abduction to be accomplished. The influence could be to perform a task that in some ways seem normal, but stand out as unusual when taken in context. An example would be a retired engineer who decided to check his mailbox at midnight, when he would naturally check it as soon as the mail runs in the afternoon. During his walk back from the mailbox, he looks to his right and observes an anomalous light formation moving toward him. He stops and observes the object until it was almost directly over him. At that time, he decides to run to the side of his house, believing he would get a better view of the object. But he has lived in this same house for many years, and knows that tree branches on that side of the house obscure the sky, and he would not be able to see anything above the trees from that spot.

The next thing our retiree remembers, he is watching the object move away, and he nonchalantly returns to the front of his house and walks into the living room to watch some television before bed. The act of walking to the mailbox is a normal task. This normal task is unusual, though, in the sense that he normally performs it during the day, not at night. The urge to change locations to get a better view of something strange over the house is a normal reaction, but not when you choose to move to an area where the sky is obscured, thereby negating a better view. Of course the retiree would normally be aware of this. Additionally, it is worth noting that the side of the house that the retiree moved to is obscured from the view of any neighbor who happened to walk out of their house or look out a window during the event. Walking back into the house and watching television is a normal task, and usually a pleasurable one. Acting nonchalant after observing an unidentified aerial phenomenon is highly strange. When all of these actions are taken together, one realizes that these may be an unusual combination of normal actions. This leads one to suspect that an exterior motivator must have influenced the retiree.

During a visit from Kathy Marden, the niece of abductees Betty and Barney Hill, I came to realize that some of the actions of both of the Hill´s might suggest that there could have been an external persuader in action here, as well.

During the drive to Montreal, Canada for a vacation on September 19, 1961, Barney Hill made some interesting decisions. As night fell upon them, Barney chose to find a motel outside the city to spend the night. Becoming unexplainably lost, he chose to return home to New Hampshire and forgo a vacation they both desperately felt they needed. Why the sudden change of mind?

While driving through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Betty becomes engrossed in watching a star. As she continued to watch this star, it started to move around in the sky. Why the initial obsession with watching this one particular star?

As the anomalous star drew near, Barney stopped the car and stepped out to watch the object with his binoculars. He realized he was looking at a ship with two horizontal rows of windows, and small people standing at those windows looking back at him. Overcome with panic, Barney jumped back into the car and drove away. Inexplicably though, Barney deviated from the route home and turned down a little used road that he had never been on and had no idea where it went. What possessed Barney to turn down this road? By doing so, he drove up on several "people" he later realized were alien entities blocking the road. Instead of turning around and speeding from the area, Barney allows the entities to approach the automobile and forcibly escort them into a waiting craft.

All of Barney´s actions, as normal as they seemed to him at the time, allowed him and his wife to be abducted in the first internationally publicized and widely believed alien abduction. As we look back on this historic event, we can see that if Barney had made any decisions other than the ones he did, he and his wife would most likely not have been abducted. It might be debatable that if Barney had made these decisions at different times of the night, maybe drove a little longer while lost before deciding to return home, they might not have been victimized by the extraterrestrials. How did these events occur unless it was through an external manipulation?

This style of external manipulation is Psychic Persuasion, a process employed by a people who are in ways more advanced than the residents of this planet. This mysterious process temporarily subdues the Human will, and then surreptitiously instills commands into the part of the Human brain that controls decision-making. The mind’s normal reasoning ability is also subdued, preventing the victim from questioning the reasons behind the decisions they seem to be making on their own, but which are in fact instructions from an external force.

Psychic Persuasion is separate from the hypnosis process in that it does not require an introductory procedure as we currently understand it, such as counting to ten or swinging a pendulum in front of the victims eyes, encouraging them to feel drowsy. It is also separate in that the victim does not mindlessly perform their instructions. The victim feels that these instructions are actually their own thoughts and choices.

Robbed of their own free will, the victim is left to accomplish the instructions that have been relayed to them. Free will is hand in hand with being Human. Human is more than a species. It is a status, and the theft of free will is nothing short of temporary slavery, a condition anathema to being Human. It is unknown, as yet, what the long term effects of this theft of free will upon the Human psyche, which does not suffer tampering easily.

What is to be said of a supposedly advanced civilization that employs a tool of slavery?



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