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1969: J. A., aged 70, a rancher, owner of a construction company and 600 acres divided into three farms, lives five miles south of the cabin area. He had never told anyone (even his wife) about the event. This man is an extremely credible individual. The observation took place on his third farm, located 10 miles north of the cabin area.

J. was chasing a runaway steer into a wooded area at dusk. He entered a long valley with scattered trees and a stream. He saw an object very low to the ground entering the valley from the north. The object appeared as two saucers placed rim to rim. It was about 9 feet in diameter and perhaps 5 feet thick. On the object rim there were four white lights. As the object traveled along the stream it would ascend vertically over trees in its path - as it ascended a whirring sound was heard and the four lights became very bright, lighting the ground below in a stark, pure white light. As it dropped back to the lower flight path the lights would dim and no sound was heard.

He could see the object quite clearly, he became frightened and stood quietly watching for several minutes as it continued to follow the valley - passing him at a distance of 40 feet. It ascended over trees and dropped back down several times. Each time the whirring sound and the lights would brighten.

The object finally disappeared in the distance, still traveling the valley. He felt it was looking for something on the ground. The next day many of the trees along the objects path displayed wilting leaves.

1970: E. B., caretaker of the cabin told me of an event on his parent's farm. They found near their house a burnt ring nine to ten feet in diameter. Three holes were found inside the ring forming a triangle. A number of people witnessed the ring but no photographs were taken.

Summer, 1986: Three miles NE of the cabin - man, wife and their four daughters observed four brightly glowing objects approaching their farm home and descending to the ground. The objects were either very low to the ground or landed and were less than 200 feet from the house. The children became frightened and crawled under their beds. The husband called a relative asking for help and describing the scene outside. The relatives arrived to find the objects gone and the frightened family locked in their home. At the site they found four burnt rings about 20 feet in diameter and a great deal of plant damage. No photographs were taken and no report made.

1988: J. C,. witness 57 - lives 5 miles northeast of the cabin. J. and his wife observed a cigar-shaped object which he spotted over the field behind his house at about 9:00 pm. The object was large with what appeared to be several illuminated 'windows'. It hovered for thirty minutes projecting a brilliant beam of light toward the ground. It then landed briefly, ascended after a few seconds and flew silently away at a rather flat angle. The next morning he and his sons found six imprints, measuring 24 by 30 inches, the imprints showed the grass to be depressed but not pressed into the ground. No indication of massive pressure. The object landed less than 200 feet away.

December 20, 1998: The first event suggesting an unusual force of considerable effect took place at the home of R.R., which is located 1,900 feet SE of the cabin. Witnesses 11, 12 and 45 were watching television when the 1/4 inch thick glass on the front of their stereo cracked down the middle vertically. No one in the house was walking or moving around. They were startled by the loud cracking sound and ran across the living room to the stereo. Just as they reached the unit, they all heard a terrific crashing sound at the opposite end of the house. They ran out the front door, around the house to the garage located on the east side at ground level. There they found a junked truck against the garage door with the tow bar penetrating the door.

The truck had been towed to the gravel/dirt drive and left 12 feet from the door with the front tow bar attached and in a vertical position. The truck is a 4 wheel drive with no engine. R.R. had left the truck in gear, emergency brake on and wheels locked. The truck has a set of oversized, wide traction tires and the bed was full of heavy parts.

The truck had been 'pushed'12 feet with the tires digging into the gravel/dirt drive for that distance leaving grooves indicating that the wheels had not turned during its trip to the door. There were no dents, scratches, marks of any kind on the tailgate or rear of the vehicle. The tow bar had dropped to the horizontal, penetrated the door and was then thrown across the garage, a distance of twenty feet. Five of us tried to push the truck and couldn't move it an inch.

Obviously a considerable force was required to perform this action, of great interest is the lack of dents or marks indicating an impact of pressure point.

R.R., along with others at his home has experienced several sightings of aerial objects and has video of some. He told of the event only after the cabin owner asked him if he had seen the odd lights. On an earlier occasion, MR was sitting with her dog just west of the house at sunset when a small globe approached from the southwest and descended to a point thirty feet away. As it hovered silently she ran to the house, when she looked out the door, it was gone. The dog did not react to the object.

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Truck moved back from drive
garage door, hole in door and drive
hole in door
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1989: Five miles south of the cabin - P. H. and her son and daughter, then ages 5 & 8, were in the area between the house and small sheds in evening twilight. The daughter was on a trampoline located just behind the house and the son was standing by watching.

P. turned and walked a hundred feet or so when she heard the kids screaming. As she turned she saw them running toward her screaming and very frightened. P. saw nothing but as the kids calmed down they both told her there was a white circular object over the trampoline and almost touching the upper branches of a tree. There was no sound during the time P. was walking away.

The tree died within two weeks of the event. I talked with the son and daughter, now teenagers and they confirmed the details. They both said the object looked like a round cloud, pure white in color with no sound.

April 1, 1999: Cabin, things get a little stranger and even more interesting. I had placed a video camera on a tripod in a water tight shield between the cabin and the windmill. Each evening R. would load in a new tape and the timer would activate the camera at sunset. I had captured nothing to this point but at least the camera wasn’t pointing at the ground. On this night it had the chance to get some incredible footage.

R. and his wife were talking with the caretaker who was facing east. The caretaker saw a small brilliant object approaching from the southeast low to the ground. R. and his wife turned to watch it also as it flew toward the windmill and the waiting video camera which was pointed north. The light was the size of a basketball and no sound. It passed over the camera at a point less than 40 feet from the three witnesses.

"When the object got to the front of the cabin near the bell, it made a tight left turn and appeared to continue on a left curve as it went out of sight in front of the cabin. It appeared to be traveling right behind F’s car which was just leaving

There was absolutely no sound or wind created by the object. It passed directly in front of Ted’s camera that was operating. It dropped a little in altitude as it went over and in front of the camera."

Sky conditions were good, warm temperatures, no wind, very high, thin clouds. The observation took place 85 minutes after sunset and 15 minutes before total darkness. The nearly full moon was just above the horizon beyond the location of the object.

Following the event R., J., and E. checked the video camera which had been imaging for nearly an hour. They found the entire unit - camera & VCR were shut down and the tape ejected from the unit. Seventeen tapes were stored three feet away from the camera in the wagon shed and they were all ruined. The VCR and camera would not function at all. Bob Nicholson, a video expert examined the camera and VCR and stated that the electronics looked as if they had been subjected to extreme heat and were indeed ruined. The small object had passed over the camera unit at a height of 30 feet or less.

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Sketch of object
Windmill - camera at witnesses position, flight path of object
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Unseen pressure event similar to the truck incident

May 8, 1999: Cabin - owner: "Today at 4:00pm I drove down to check on my cattle and found both double steel gates that contained the cattle in the bottom field laying flat on the ground. Evidently during the prior night something 'spooked' the herd. The gates were pushed down from outside the field the cattle were in, the cattle were at the opposite end of the field when I arrived and had no tried to get out over the gates."

When I arrived at the gate site R. had laid the gates upright and against the posts so I could see the original condition he found them in. The gates are located in a bottom area 990 feet northeast of the cabin. The gate area is not visible from the cabin due to a line of trees between the two. The gates, a double set of 12 ft long units, were still chained together with heavy logging chain at the center. The chain was intact and locked with a heavy duty lock. The gates had been pushed from the outside of the field into the field, The small gravel lane that links the cabin with this field can only be accessed by driving past the cabin and caretaker and a herd of dogs. And then only after getting through the front gate which is always chained and locked. Getting a vehicle in there is impossible, at least by ground.

There were no impact marks or dents on the tubular steel frames. The gates were still attached at the hinges which pivot on four ½ inch diameter steel pins which are screwed into 8 inch oak posts. The posts were still standing - no damage. The ½ inch steel pins were turned from their normal vertical position to the horizontal, the gate sleeves over the pins were twisted like paper

Of great interest is the fact that the ½ inch pins were turned some 90 degrees tighter. It requires considerable leverage to rotate them in the release direction - but they were actually tightened in the oak posts and the posts were not damaged. It would be very difficult to apply pressure to the open, tubular frames of the gates without visible damage to the gate structure. How or why this could be done - and to what end? The cattle had been frightened but not harmed, none were missing.

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Gates down
Gates normal
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Gate-pin - normal position
Gate-pin turned
Pin-hole not elongated by turning
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June, 1999: A second area of activity became known as the cabin owner was visiting with his neighbor to the south, Wit 53. This site is located 4,500 feet south of the cabin and is one of three farms owned by 53. He was reluctant to discuss such things but finally became curious enough to talk.

In June, 1999 he had been finding numerous cattle dead under odd circumstances. The animals were found in the area of an old farm house located on the next high hill south of the cabin. He would find a calf just born with the mother and the next morning the calf would be picked clean of its flesh, the mother still close to it. This was strange enough but over a period of several days this continued and each time he would find a large ring a short distance away from the calf. The soil in these rings appeared baked, the center was normal. The rings were about 20 feet in diameter, Near the end of June he was riding his horse when the animal reacted to something, reared up and almost tossed him off. He calmed the horse and found two more 20 ft rings identical to the 8 other rings located some 800 feet to the west. The horse would not go into either of the rings.

He found in these fields, two gates of the same construction as the May 8, 1999 event located a mile north. The gates were forced to the ground and the pivot pins were turned to the horizontal. The gates were still chained together and were not marked or dented by impact.

The gates cannot be reached by vehicle without unlocking two sets of gates at access the fields. There have been numerous sightings by 53 and his father over the years in this area. A brilliant globe was seen on the ground and video was taken of it by Wit 11 & 12 from their home 2,000 feet away.

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A - July 1999 event - couple
Site Ring
B - Location - 2 rings
Ted at one of two rings at location B
C - Gates pushed to ground

D - Cattle deaths & 8 additional rings

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July, 1999: Witnesses 73 & 74, both in their mid-60's, live 2,000 feet west of the second farm owned by Wit 53 (June, 1999 cattle, rings, gates events). One evening in early July the wife saw a 'craft'with lights passing over their house. She called to her husband and they both watched as the object slowly descended into the woods on 53's farm as if landing. They drove toward the area to see if they could find the object but all was dark. The object had descended into the area of the old buildings on 53's property.

The next day they arrived at the farm and as they were watching the place while 53 was gone they had keys to the gates. It was noon, a clear, calm day. There is an old trailer house forty feet SE of the house which is also quite old and in bad shape. The entire area was grown up with high weeds. 73 stopped the car twenty feet from the house and walked to the trailer to check it. His wife watched from the car - she is a very large person and it is difficult for her to enter or exit the car.

74 watched as her husband walked from the trailer toward the old house. Suddenly he fell to the ground. His wife, fearing he had a heart attack, left the car and headed for the path to the house. She called to him and asked if he was ok. It took him several seconds to reply in a very weak voice. She asked him if he could get up and he said he wasn't sure. She then could see he was face down in the area between the trailer and house. As she reached him she felt a "force" or pressure against her upper back and shoulders and was pushed to the ground, falling next to her husband.

They managed to help each other off the ground. He said he was walking between the house and trailer when he was suddenly "pushed" violently straight ahead. Both reported they felt two distinct "blows" before falling.

He suffered a bloody right leg from the hip to the foot and developed a blood clot above his right knee and spent several days in the hospital.

This couple is highly regarded in the community. They have not reported or discussed the event with anyone except a close family friend and she told R and I about it. They refused to talk with us even though they have known R for many years. The husband was an avid hunter his entire life, he not only stopped hunting but rarely leaves his house.

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Witness 74 (wife) watched from car here
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Site 2 - trailer at left, pushed to ground at lower right
Site 7 - Phillips at spot where the couple was pushed to ground
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July 20, 1999: Cabin - owner R. - "Today at about 2:15 while I was driving a cow through the 12 ft wide fence alley to my corral. I happened upon a large circular area of flattened and swirled grass between the alley fences. I called Ted on my cell phone and he arrived at my farm at 7:30pm."

The ring is located 245 feet northeast of the cabin halfway down a sloping field toward the area where the gates were impacted earlier. The story pieced togther is as follows:

On the evening of July 19, 1999 at 11:00pm the caretaker heard the farm dogs "going crazy" to the northeast of the cabin. He saw a large white light in the low east and went back to bed.

The next day, the caretaker called the cabin owner to tell him of a cow trying to birth a calf and she was having problems. The owner called the local vet and joined him at the farm. The calf had to be removed and was dead. The head was formed, as was one front leg. The calf was "mummified" - word used by vet. The vet stated that he not seen this condition before and it was "very odd".

The property owner and caretaker herded the cow through a fenced alley to put her in a barn. The alley has gates at each end allowing no access to cattle or vehicles. They walked up the alley and found the swirled circle in the high grass.

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The fescue around the circle measured an average of forty inches in height up to the edge of the disturbed area. The fescue was tightly swirled in a clockwise pattern, flat to the ground. Plants were not broken, scorched or dehydrated. No sign of heavy weight or crushing effects. There were no visible imprint marks. The center was two inches higher than the outer ring - it was swirled but appeared to be somewhat pulled up also. We attempted to duplicate the effects with boards, feet and a large tire. When rolled down the fescue would spring back up. The ring of swirled foliage was compressed by a very high pressure of some sort, applied from above. The central area was exposed to less force.

The swirled area is circular but slightly elongated east to west. It measured 9.3 feet north-south, 8.95 east-west, 10.1 & 10.05 diagonal. The alley fences are 12 feet apart and the ring edges were: 6 inches from the west fence, 30 inches from the east fence.

August 8, 1999: Owner tried to drive 166 cattle through the alley. As the herd approached the swirled ring they suddenly bolted and tried to get through the barbed wire fences on each side rather than cross the circle. The owner and three helpers forced the cattle back and away from the area. Then they attempted to drive them through the ring area in groups of ten, single file. The cattle went by the ring - single file - stepping only in the 30 inch area between the east fence and the edge of the ring - not one touched even the edge of the swirled circle

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Path cattle took around ring
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This ring is located 330 feet southwest of the gates that were pushed down earlier.

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