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Why doesn't the US Government tell the truth about UFOs? 

By Elaine Douglass.  February 2001


People should go to the MUFON national conference. I always pick up something valuable when I go. For example, at the St. Louis conference last summer I got a small book, The UFO Briefing Document, with an introduction by Whitley Strieber.

In it, Whitley asks questions such as, "Why is there all this government denial and secrecy? What 'sane reason' can there be for the government cover-up? And why do scientists still respond with the 'giggle factor' whenever the subject of UFOs comes up?"

That was probably the thousandth time I've heard those questions asked, and it set me to thinking about them for probably the thousandth time. By the way, The UFO Briefing Document is by Don Berliner. It's the 1997 Rockefeller-financed presentation of the best evidence, now a Dell paperback. A good book.

But what about those questions in Whitley's introduction? Why indeed doesn't the US government just come clean and tell the American people everything it knows about UFOs? And given all the splendid evidence the UFO community has assembled demonstrating the reality and the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs, why do scientists, and the media, and the public, still giggle and roll their eyes?

Whitley says maybe the government has done something (that we don't know about) to embarrass itself, and that's the reason for the cover-up. Or, he suggests, possibly the aliens have told our government not to reveal their presence because that would be detrimental to the aliens' interests, or to ours, Whitley does not make it clear which. I agree with this latter idea in a way.

It is obvious the UFO people do not want their presence unequivocally, undeniably, publicly revealed. I doubt, though, they have coerced our government on that score because there are compelling reasons to account for the government's silence apart from any alien coercion.

Silence about UFOs is something everyone wants. There is not just one cover-up. There are three: the government cover-up, the public's cover-up, and the aliens' cover-up. All involved are plainly determined to keep quiet about the alien presence on the planet. That's interesting, don't you think?

The pervasiveness of the "giggle factor," which Whitley complains about, is a clue to this, particularly a clue that the public wants the silence maintained. Ridicule is a form of social control. So unpleasant is ridicule to most people they would rather meet hostility or punishment than have people make fun of them.

The ridicule which generally follows mention of UFOs comes not even primarily from the government. Most comes from the media, and from your friends. This is how people tell each other to shut up and not talk about UFOs.

The people are not being coerced into silence; it is voluntary. Thus, the cover-up is not imposing a silence on the people that the people don't want, just as the aliens are not imposing a silence on the government that the government doesn't want.

Of course, the aliens are imposing something else on the government, and on the people that we don't want, and that is the crux of the issue. Silence is simply a byproduct.

The reason the world's governments (not only bur own) say nothing publicly about UFOs is because to do otherwise I would cause the collapse of human authority. For example, to publicly acknowledge the abductions would lead to the fall of the US government. Not overnight, not in two weeks, but eventually.

That's shocking, isn't it? And it's something Whitley Strieber and all the other apologists for the aliens don't admit or, like Steven Greer, they concoct preposterous notions such as aliens aren't abducting anyone; it's all being done by the US government. (In foreign countries, too, I suppose.) Instead, consider this:

If the President of the United States had to admit publicly that, Yes, outer space aliens are abducting American citizens and taking little children out of their beds at night, how long do we think it would take for the people of this country to demand protection? And if protection was not forthcoming, how long do we think it would be before there was a political earthquake in this country?

So let's bottomline the situation right now. The aliens are doing something (the abductions) which, if publicly acknowledged, would cause the fall of the US government.

That, Whitley, is why there is so much government denial and secrecy. That is the "sane" reason for the government cover-up. As for the public's cover-up, I submit the public is aware of the reality and the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs. And even if the public is not as fully aware of the abduction phenomena, the public has noticed the prolonged presence (since WWII) and continuing operation of UFOs on the planet, coupled with the government's "inexplicable" silence on the matter. That has cued the public that a dark and terrible secret lies at the heart of the situation, and that it is a situation over which, apparently, the government has no control. The public doesn't want to admit this. That, Whitley, is the "sane" reason for the public's cover-up, i.e., the "giggle" factor.

That leaves us with only one question: What is the reason for the aliens' cover-up? We know they do not want their presence undeniably, unequivocally, publicly revealed. We know they are conducting a covert operation of great magnitude on this planet. Why? Why don't the aliens end all the secrecy and just come forward and tell everyone all about themselves? That question I'll submit to Whitley Strieber. What "sane" reason can there be, Whitley, for the alien cover-.up?


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