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Picture: Neihardt in Fall 1961 in his study at Skyrim-Farm holding Black Elks Sacred Drum.
In 1961 the late Professor John G. Neihardt formed a group called SORRAT (Society for Research on Rapport and Psychokinesis). The meetings were regularly held at his home, Skyrim Farm, near Columbia, Missouri. Neihardt was widely recognized as an author and critic, but his longstanding interest in psychic phenomena was less well known. His charismatic leadership was the base, that let the group survive the initial barren period which had to pass before PK-activity was observed.
John GneisenauNeihardt (1881-1973) started 1965 a second row of Sorrat-Experiments, after the first experimentation period was reservated for Out of Body-Experiences and General Extrasensory Perception-Experiments, and he limited the Group from the beginning on to himself, his daughter Alice, his granddaughters Lynn and Erica, Joe, Elaine and Dr. John Thomas Richard, all three being already part of the first era from 1961 to 1965.
The group sat first around a wooden table in a closed circle, fingers touching the fingers of the sitter beside. The "circle" itself was seen by Neihardt, who studied extensively the Rituals of the Oglala and Sioux - he himself was the spiritual son of an old Shaman Black Elk - as an archetypical order, that exists on many levels of existence. Relatively early athe second Sorrat-Generation experienced success. Without bringing power into the process, the table around they sat, began to move, walk and finally levitate.
Although they were successful early, Neihardt published for the first time his experiments, not before Batcheldor published his well-known "Table-Experiments Report" in 1966.
Sorrats early successes were the table-phenomena, cold breezes, an undefined psychological sensation of being connected with the others, including spontanous quasi-religous insights, and raps in all variations. Beside the successful communications with the rapping entities, one of the sitters, Joe Mangini went into trance and began with trance speaking, when many spirits came through, talking about their ability to influence our materialistic plane of existence through PK.
Not only that, during the trance states, the PK-effects seemed somehow to increase!
Because Neihardt was in his earlier years involved in many researches into mediumism, he once had the opportunity to begin and strengthen his friendship with J.B. Rhine, the initial researcher on Psychokinesis. And Rhine was impressed, what his old friend had to tell him and so decided to send his assistant W.E.Cox to Skyrim to categorize and observe the phenomena as best as possible.
That was the juncture, when in connection with Cox' inventions to make it hoax-proof and acceptable for the scientific community, the phenomena skyrocketed and became so strange partly, that not only a controversy was started that attacked the reputation of all involved, but that also accused them of fraud. The slightly larger SORRAT-Circle at Skyrim, June 6, 1978. From the left, clockwise Alice, Joe Mangini, Hilda attempting to levitate the table,Janet, William, Edward Cox, Kathy, Sarah, and J.T. Richards. the primary target object was Cox' "Sectioned Observation Box" on the floor.

 These photographs were probably taken very early around 1967.

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