MIG - Missouri Investigators Group

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 In experiment number 19 the cubes are encircled for means of identification

Paranormal drawing of a bird in the Cox "Sensitized paper Box". Later Cox and Richards found the paper was heat sensitive, why the image may have been produced by means of a laser. Naturally, it wasn't, as Richards stated. Although this type of box was replaced by the Mottert Box, which used aluminium foil in place of the paper

The McDonnell Lab for Psychical Research in St. Louis used one of Cox' sealed test bottles originally prepared for Sorrat to test the PK-inducer"Stephen Shaw", a psychic metal bender. On May 24, 1981 the young metal bender gestured repeatedly at this bottle, on a lab table across the testing room, and the two pipestream cleaners bent into a stick-man figure, the pencil stub wrote "Freedom, Love, Faith" on the previously blank space under Cox' signature, and an open safety-pin closed and was grasped by the stick.mans "hand". Cox later verified that the seal and tiny booby traps on the bottles lid were intact.
Apport of a leather ring into a sealed plastic box, July 27, 1978. Cox' seal was completely intact after the apport occurred.Notarily testified by a metal worker was, that he had done the work to construct a safe tank on a wooden plate. Because none of the seals were broken he announces he cannot understand how the many changes on the focus objects inside the tank could have been occurred in the upside down aquarium, that was completely sealed in his opinion.
The most critical regarded outcomes were the film clips produced mainly by Cox and Richards. The Minilab was therefore locked into an empty room and the key was overhanded third parties and the room was then sealed with wax. The trigger-construction let the camera roll everytime the triggers were somehow affected. In the above instance leather rings were inter-connected, although they were lying besides seconds before. A watch is placed in the camera focus to document, the recordings weren't cut. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)In this instance a letter is somehow transported out of his unopened envelope! Later letters that were placed into the minilab vanished and resurfaced after they arrived at the adresses by postal means. CLICK TO ENLARGE

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