MIG - Missouri Investigators Group



UFOzarks,  P. O. Box 254,  Aurora, Missouri 65605  

We are a small group of investigators and researchers who seek to document possible sightings of UFO's as well as occurrences of paranormal activity. We are regional investigators with a focus on the Ozarks area of Southern Missouri, Northern Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas.

Website: http://ufozarks.org/index.html      Phone 1.417.678.3856


Midwest Research Society,  PO Box 9326, Springfield, MO 65801.   Phone: 417-863-1377  

E-mail: lindaeastburn@aol.com


 MAARS - Missouri Awareness & Alternative Research Society.  Springfield, Missouri.


The focus of MAARS is to increase public awareness in the understanding of fields such as paranormal phenomena, scientific advancements, UFO/ extraterrestrial encounters, environmental concerns, apparitional experiences and realms of the mind. Meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the private room of Pizza Hut, 1815 N. Glenstone, Springfield, MO. Meetings are open to individuals with open minds.


Website:  www.maarsgroup.org


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