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Articles/books/Internet links referred to in talk at Missouri Investigators Group meeting, September 29, 2012 by UFO/BF research investigator Gary Hart. (Geehart@frontiernet.net) Read excellent reviews of books at the Amazon links provided;

1) Article: Scenes from a Bigfoot Conference (9/27/03). First conference where paranormal

aspects of BF are discussed? 

2) Book: The Locals (2003) by Thom Powell

is the first book to delve into BF cases where UFOs are also reported. Book discusses cases where Sasquatch are seen to go invisible, a UFO/BF hot- spot is described, habituation situations are discussed, human speech can be mimicked, a scientific study process is presented. Left BFRO after discovering that they throw away incoming BF cases that contain any mention of concurrent UFO activity. This book supports the effort to save and analyze cases like this.

3) Article: The Book that Changed Bigfoot Research


4) Article: A New Paradigm written by Thom Powell

(at previous link, further down the page.)

5) Book: Bigfoot Casebook Updated (2006) by Janet

and Colin Bord http://www.amazon.com/Bigfoot-Casebook-updated-Sightings-Encounters/dp/0937663107/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1349248190&sr=1-1&keywords=bigfoot+casebook
They have the only database with mixed BF/UFO cases.  Five BF cases listed where UFOs are involved. The Bords have thirty cases of this type in their files.

6) Book: Valley of the Skookum (2006) by Sali Shepard-Wolford
Book about author's family and their experiences with BF near Seattle WA in the late 70s. Glowing BF, paranormal phenomena, portal activity described.

7) Article: Interview with Sali Wolford:


8) Internet interview with Dr. Matthew Johnson:

Witness (Dr. Johnson) saw Sasquatch appear out of thin air then disappear the same way (2000). Knows of another BF researcher who has a picture taken when BF were felt around him but nothing was seen. One picture shows a reflection of the witness and his  camera a short distance away leading Dr. Johnson to believe that BF can bend light around themselves to  remain unseen to us - they don't necessarily need a dimensional jump as some others have suggested. Is this a biological function? BF can telepath in our language. Listen to whole audio file as the witness' story is split by the host's BF Story.

9) Second Internet Interview with Matthew Johnson
 (8/14/12) where you hear sounds, knocks, singing(?) and speech/language from Sasquatch around Dr. Johnson's house in Oregon:

23 clips of recorded sounds.

10) Speech/language here too:


11) Article: Does our Government Know about Bigfoot

/Sasquatch? by Dr. Matthew Johnson.

12) Book: Tribal Bigfoot (2009) by David Paulides


Perhaps the first book to demonstrate that Sasquatch looks very much like us when illustrated accurately: color and B/W forensic illustrations of Sasquatch reports.

13) Book: Sasquatch People (2011) by Jack Lapseritis


Presents protocol for contact/communication. BF can be invisible and stand right next to you, they can reach through objects and telepath over significant distances. Presents idea that BF is very much like us (not an ape) and they can be communicated with intelligently. At least four types of BF exist. Some have extensive paranormal abilities. Portals are an integral factor of their existence.
>>>I first used Game cameras and call blasting to 'hunt' BF in MO areas where I and a fellow research associate have collected many sighting reports. I did thid for several years with no success. Then early this year (2012) I met another research associate interested in both UFO and BF phenomena. When trading information with this researcher we both agreed that using Jack Lapseritis' contact protocol first would be an interesting change in approach. This person went into some nearby woods using this protocol format and got immediate positive results by clacking rocks and shortly thereafter using a few spoken words of their language. With early success in hand neither of us have 'hunted' the Sasquatch in any conventional sense since.

As a result my research associate and I have found suspected Sasquatch marker constructions at a number of locations in MO. MABRC Project Marker examples on their website compare well

with the ones we have found. We seem to be approaching a habituation situation where we have repeated contacts with the same BF individuals.

14) Honobia OK Facebook page photo album (Years of Research

and Learning) of BF markers, footprints: http://www.facebook.com/honobia.oklahoma#!/media/set/?set=a.108839365860138.14072.100002022268743&type=3

15) http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/blog/bigfoot/question-from-a-reader-to-long-term-witnesses/
Blog page that answers the question "How do you deal with the inevitable fear that arises in your first contact experience?" "Push through the fear and it will quickly change to awe."

http://friendsofsasquatch.com/ Telepathic BF web page.

17) NABS (David Paulides' North American Bigfoot Search) website:
http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/home.html Click on Sightings button to see cases with one where BF is heard to speak words and Habituation button to read about one of earliest habituation (repeated sightings and BF family interaction) situations ever reported. Also click on Vanishing Bigfoot button to read article about BF ability to disappear instantaneously.

18) N IL activity confirms presence of BF and possibility of frequent interaction even in a farmland area with little cover. UFO connection to activity is made obvious. Book is due by

Christmas by woman near Kankakee IL who has had BF experiences since six years old and has them living in an adjacent corn field. UFOs seen over the field. Man living 150 miles away who met this woman has been having the same type of experiences where he lives. They have found
footprints up to 22" long (one in fresh concrete), BF have written symbols on chalk boards and left bird feathers to indicate their connection with the witnesses. Several photographs have been taken from a distance (one of a 13' BF.)

Conclusions: new process produces new interaction possibilities and this is confirmed by others   

     -What can we learn from the Sasquatch?
     -What importance is this to our and their future?

More articles/books, etc. to check out:

Article about professional BF researcher Idaho State University Professor Jeff Meldrum.

2) 2010 issues
Alternate Perceptions e-zine: Articles about BF/UFO connections: March Reality Checking article:

April Reality Checking article:

3) Article about AZ UFO and paranormal activity hotspot:

4) Documentary about the UFO hotspot near Hessdalen Norway.
 There are five 10 minute segments that comprise the full documentary showing the range of strange activity experienced there and since 1984 the research effort to document and analyze witness reports and measured data: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=UFO+portal+over+Hessdalen&aq=f

5) Sierra Sounds website: http://www.bigfootsounds.com/  Click on sound excerpts from parts one and two by clicking on "See the pictures and download sounds" button. This is good
example of "monkey chatter"-type BF language.

6) Interesting Uri Geller links about real/proven paranormal activity:

see page 55-62

7) Book: Hunt for the Skinwalker (2005) by Colm Kelleher


New information from this Paracast interview: Robert Bigelow, owner of The Ranch - a Utah UFO and paranormal hotspot - had a contract with the NSA from 2009-2010 to hire 50-60 people with security clearances to study his Utah ranch. During the same time frame Bigelow "bought" MUFON data/investigations for 2/3rds of a million dollars. Surprising new information about this case. Listen here: http://www.theparacast.com/podcasts/paracast_120902.mp3


8) Article about a flashlight-like earthlight from the Earthlight Alliance website. One of several types of strange light phenomena with an unknown composition and power source thought this one sounds most like a ball of energy generated by a nearby fault. Obviously this is NOT ball lightning which is skeptics' catch-all explanation for strange lights. Orbs of light have been seen either alone or in the vicinity of Sasquatch on rare occasions: http://www.earthlights.org/pdf/Shinies.pdf

9) Links to UFO and BF database overlays for Google Earth and other mapping programs:    
-Discussion of different UFO overlays: http://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2012/04/ufo_sightings_in_google_earth.html

-Bigfoot overlays: http://penn.freeservers.com/bigfootmaps/ Download bigfootreports.kmz file from link on page for Google Earth and the bigfootreports.dmt file to plot reports in a DeLorme Topo USA program. I know in Google Earth it is easy to turn the overlay files on or off so it doesn't slow the program when used for other purposes.

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