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A Ghost Story - Barb Becker

This happened several years ago. I was grocery shopping at a market in Columbia. As I stepped out of the door with my cart heading for my car I noticed an elderly woman standing by the soda machine. There were people coming and going and no one else seemed to look at her. I noticed she was wearing a pair of Dr. Marten’s "Mary Jane" shoes, which I thought unusual for a woman of her age. She had on a calf length brown dress with a print of tiny white flowers belted at the waist. The sleeves and collar were trimmed in lace and she had on a little “pill box” hat. She was not carrying a purse, which I thought was odd. If you are shopping one usually carries a purse. She looked lost. I stopped and thought about asking her if she needed help but for some reason I didn’t.

I walked to my car, put my groceries in, and pulled out of the parking lot. I did not think of her again until I got to a mechanics shop about a mile from the store; there she stood, on the corner of the lot, still looking lost. I wanted to stop but didn’t. Something told me not to but I wish I hadn't listened. I was very bothered by the incident. How did she get from the grocery store to the place where I saw her so fast? I got in the car and returned to the area. She was gone.

I checked Google Maps. It would take approximately 25 minutes to walk the distance and about 2 minutes for me to drive it. It wasn't until later that I thought about Memorial Park Cemetery that was between the grocery store and the mechanics. I think I saw a lost spirit of someone who might have been newly deceased.

She looked so solid at the grocery story that this has made me wonder how many people we see each day are really “in the flesh” or are they spirits wandering around? Think about the trips to the mall, the people sitting quietly on the benches. How would you know?

Mechanics:  1908 Business Loop 70 W

Moser's Grocery:  705 Business Loop 70 W

Memorial Park Cemetery:  1217 Business Loop 70 W

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